Raspberry Pi Stress Test

Geschrieben von: Rocu am 27.01.2013 um 13:18 pm

We want to host a few of our blogs here at home. Before we start and build a rack to hold all of the Raspberry Pi’s required, we want to make sure that there are not thermal problems.

Thats why we wanted to stress test one of them.

We used the program stress to generate some load.

We did not however not use the HD option, because we did not want to damage the SD card.

sudo apt-get install stress
stress --cpu 5 --io 5 --vm 5 --vm-bytes 10M --timeout 3600s
=> stress: info: [11496] dispatching hogs: 5 cpu, 5 io, 5 vm, 0 hdd

After a minutes the load average climbed up to 15.


We waited for around 30 minutes and took an image of our tortured little Raspberry PI (right), next to one that just runs idle (left).

Here is the image.

Raspberry Pi, thermal shot, under load (right), idle (left)

As you notice theres no big difference between the two (about 4°C) and it should be fine to put a few of them next to each other.

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  2. Yklys sagt:

    What were the environmental conditions of the room in which this test was performed?

  3. Rocu sagt:

    @Yklys ~22°C room temperature, 60% humidity.

  4. Peter sagt:

    Can you make some tests with an overclocked pi?
    It would be very interesting how far it heat up.

  5. Rocu sagt:

    Sure. We try it soon ;)

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