Raspberry Pi: thermal images

Geschrieben von: SES am 18.01.2013 um 21:07 pm

There are some heatsinks for the Raspberry Pi and I wanted to evaluate if I need one.

So I decided to take some thermal images of it under typical load. I used my FLIR camera. Here are the first results.

Raspberry Pi - cabled

After 10min in idle mode (96% idle): 39°C CPU temperature

Raspberry - thermal image, after 10min

After 50min in idle mode (96% idle): 42.4°C CPU temperature
Raspberry - thermal image, after 50min

The hottest spot is not the CPU, but the companion chip.

In the next days I will post some thermal images of the Rasp.Pi working under heavy load.

Update: 27.01.13:
Here is the stress test thermal shot: Link

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  1. […] Here’s a great thermal imaging sequence that uncovers some interesting details about the Raspberry Pi from Zipfelmaus.com. […]

  2. […] The finishing is not perfect, I am not very skilled in plastic works. At first, temperature reached 58ºC. After making some holes on top of the SoC, temperature lowered to 50ºC. I suspect that the Lan chip is hotter than the SoC, as you can see in this post: http://www.zipfelmaus.com/blog/raspberry-pi-thermal-images/ […]

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