How to: Nokia 6100 LCD (english)

Upgrading your AVR-microcontroller with a graphical color lcd is much easier then you think. So here is what you’ll need:
– the lcd: go to ebay and look for the Nokia 6100 LCD, note that there are two different version, one with a green pcb, the other with a brown one
– then you need some further hardware, of course a microcontroller (e.g. ATmega32L) and I recommend you the breakout board form
– and last but not least some software drivers, depending on the lcd version (mentioned above: green or brown pcb), you should use one of these drivers:
brown pcb
green pcb

But the driver sourcecode doesn’t help you, when you want to convert a picture to a format, that Nokia lcd can understand. No need to worry anyway, we have a solution for that – the “Bitmap to RGB8 Converter”-tool.
It generates an .h-file from a bitmap, which you can easily include in your project. Inside the .h-file is an array that contains all the bitmap-information in the RGB8-format.

Bitmap to RGB8 Converter
bmp.h file

(please note: to run the converter program, you need the latest .net-runtime, also note the licence-file)

Sample Code
includes code from the website

#include "bmp.h" //the converted image

/* ... */

int main {

/* initialize your mcu and lcd here */
/* ... */

//create bitmap
for (y = 0; y < (image_width); y++)   {     for (x = image_height; x > 0; x--)
LCD_put_pixel(0x0, x-1, y);

/* ... */


23 Antworten auf “How to: Nokia 6100 LCD (english)”

  1. Fabio sagt:

    hi, can you write me a piece of code for example for view image on display nokia with controller pcf 8833 philips.
    don’ right coordinates x,y because my display don’t enter setting swap or mirror x,y.can you help me?
    i don’t understand “c” but now study with my son!
    Fabio Leghorn Italy (tuscany)

  2. peter sagt:

    This is cool but what micro controller pins do you hook the LCD to?

  3. SES sagt:

    You should use the SPI-pins of your uC.

  4. Chris sagt:

    I cant find the code you are using because the e-dsp link doesnt exist anymore.Can you please send me the source code??? Thanks ins advance.

  5. SES sagt:

    there are some new drivers available @ –>

  6. Chris sagt:

    Unfortunately with the new sparkfun BOB for Nokia 6100 LCD any of these drivers work. I use an AVR MCU.

  7. C_O sagt:

    I’ve got the 6610 with the Epson chipset, I’ve got it working fine, text and what not, but I can’t for the life of me get it to show font. When I use the code from above, it prints the screen black, pixel by pixel, fairly quick but you can watch it. Where as a lcd.clear actually clears it quickly.
    I’m pretty sure I need to pull pixel by pixel out of the bitmap.h (which is #included) but I’m just not sure how to do that.
    I’m using the atmega8, 168, or 328 if that makes a difference!


  8. SES sagt:

    @ C_O: Did you create a new bmp.h-file with the “Bitmap to RGB8 Converter” tool from a small bmp image?

  9. C_O sagt:

    Yes I did, and included it with my sketch, but not sure how to print the pixels. I’m able to do single colors, but I have to set them while I’m writing, can’t use a bitmap. (or at least I haven’t figured out how to yet:/)

  10. C_O sagt:

    Do you still have the code from that website that was up? I tried to visit it a couple months back and it was down.. tried to visit it again and it’s still not up. Maybe that’s what I’m missing?:D

  11. Oscar sagt:

    Ok, where in the world did you learn what all this tech is used for. whats a avr-microcontroler?? what does it do? how does it do it?
    whats RGB8 convertor?? what is the code for? where do you enter it?
    can somone PLEEEZZ help me. my email is

  12. Oscar sagt:

    the first time i saw a video of this it said controlling nokia or somthing. i thought this is used to display something on the computer through the nokia screen. Is it?

  13. Oscar sagt:

    i’m trying to make a robot and i don’t even know what each peice on the chip is used for…

  14. SES sagt:

    Hi Oscar,

    you seem to have a lot of questions:
    Where did I learn all this stuff? I studied electricial engineering. Now it’s my job to develop embedded systems.

    What is a AVR-microcontroller?

    In the video you see a display from the Nokia cellphone 6100. It’s quite easy to controll it with a microcontroller like the AVR.

    I suggest, that you might have a look at the new “Make Electronic” book from O’Reilly. There you can learn all the electronic basics. Afterwards you could start with the Arduino plattform, where you can easily programm a AVR microcontroller to controll your robot.

  15. Binu sagt:

    Like to try this with 8051 microcontroller.

  16. SES sagt:

    we had some issues with the website and download links in the last days. this should be fixed now.

  17. mitul sagt:

    how may i get program code for the “interfacing NOKIA colour LCD with AVR microcontroller”????
    i need perfact programming in any way,,,,,,
    plz give me suggestion for this

  18. Toe007 sagt:

    Dear SES sagt:

    I have been having some problems making a small image I have created as a 24bit color in paint appear on the Nokia LCD.

    My routine to write a datamap to the screen works (I can display a small bit mape image of a photograph resized to 130×130 pixels and converted using the Nokia 6100 converter written by Norm (

    Problem is that his converter needs an exact 130×130 image. Yours (created by S. Schuster, 04.2008 –, is more flexible in this regard, but I can not get a clear output using it.

    Woukld it be possible for you to post the source, or at least the part of code which converts a 3 byte per pixel RGB format (as used in a 24 bit BMP file) to a 3 byte/2 pixel format which the Nokia uses (Type A: RRRRGGGG BBBBRRRR GGGGBBBB).

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  19. SES sagt:

    @Toe007: sorry I don’t have the sources on my current pc. If i remember correctly, the tool converts the image from 24bit to 8 bit in this format (RRRGGGBB).

  20. milan sagt:

    Thanks Toe007 for the link to the converter I managed to get nice colors now. If you still need the code example I can provide it on milanstefko[at]hotmail[dot]com

  21. x34678 sagt:

    Hallo Deimosmuc,
    ich habe mir dein Video im Youtube angeschaut und finde es tool!.

    Frage: ich will auch was änhliches aber mit PIC auf Protoboard machen, hast du ein Bild wie man Nokia 6100 LCD Pinbelegung mit normallen Kabelungen basteln kann? bsw hast du mit Nokia 1208 probiert?

    Ich würde mich auf ein Feedback freuen!

    LG aus Argentinien, Martin

  22. SES sagt:

    You can find the source code of the BMP2RGB8-converter tool now on Github:

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